one block south. four blocks east.

clear skies. that time of day on the weekend when everyone normal is awake but nothing's open. i'm just a visitor.

one block south. six blocks east.

a man shoots up heroin in broad daylight. belt in his teeth. three feet away are a young woman and child. seemingly oblivious.


two blocks east.

a couple brushes into me and give me a double glance. some sort of strange interloper to their saturday morning.

four blocks east.

a relic of the past. a drive in. full view glass kitchen. throngs of people queued haphazardly at half a dozen goddamn windows.

...panic sets in.

are you in line?yes.

order? i blink.

que? he sticks his head out the window and peers up at me in mild bewilderment.
hamburger.float.orderoffries. he nods. sudden clarity.

cinco dolores seis. i hand him my ten. he scrutinizes the bill for longer than is comfortable. i just want to leave. he hands me my food and change after an uncomfortable moment.

i look around. a hard ball forms in my throat.

one block south. a korean family feeds a burger to their dog while relaxing next to their car.

i find a mostly empty parking lot. barriers covered in tags and waist height. i sit down. grease soaked bag after only a minute. i eat the food and drink the float. that strong oldies-style ice cream flavor. ketchup holding the burger shut.

grease giving the bun that trademark glisten.

truck driver pulls into the parking lot. stares at me disapprovingly. just some androgynous punk in a nam-era jacket.

roll up the bag. one block north. three blocks west. throw the bag into the trash with a clang.

my heart seems to forget what it's doing and then kickstarts with the sound of a car door slamming in my head.

three blocks west. a woman is taking artful shots of the theater. i jam my hands into my pockets and walk briskly away.

six blocks west.

a man nearly runs a red, laying on his horn like i'm in his way.

one block north.

three blocks west.

one block north.

one block west.

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