An theater game played by competitive improv troupes like ComedySportz. Great fun to watch and play, and eerily similar to the televised political debates upon which it is based.

There are two teams. Each team consists of one debator and two or three handlers. The debators go out of the room, and the audience suggests an unrelated set of a verb, an adjective, and a noun for each team, such as 'spread', 'enormous', and 'trout'.

When the debators return to the room, they each take a stand on one side of the stage, and one debator will start to orate extemporaneously to the audience in standard political retoric. Meanwhile, the handlers will be off to one side of the stage, trying to mime out for the debator the words spread, enormous, and trout. The debator will try to work his guesses into his speech, and will work off the cues of the handlers.

Our debator might say something like: "My friends, I am here today to warn you about the dangers of Masonry. Yes, this smooth disease is spreading--Yes! spreading!--through our large country......"

Each team gets three rounds of 20 seconds to try and get the debator to say 'spreading enormous trout', or whatever their line is. The first team to do this wins, or draws if neither can do it. One of my favorte improv games.

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