Taho is a Filipino dish, consisting of diced, soft, faintly sour tofu floating in brown-sugar water, usually boiled with pandan leaves for additional flavor. This is usually sold warm, sometimes with sago (tapioca balls), but can also be served chilled. It should be served a few hours after it is made, since it gets stale if left for over six hours or so, even with refrigeration.

Taho vendors (magtataho) typically make their rounds early in the morning, around five or six AM - their distinctive cry of "Tahooooo!" around the neighborhood usually means it's time to wake up and have breakfast. Older vendors carry their wares in the traditional style - two covered metal buckets suspended from a shoulder yoke, water-carrier fashion, although these days you usually encounter vendors pushing carts or using bicycles, with the pails across the back or on a sidecar.

This drink usually costs about PhP5 (US$0.10) per cup, though most people buy it by the pitcher (you bring your pitcher out, and pay the vendor depending on how many glasses your pitcher can hold).

For a similar Filipino drink, see gulaman.

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