A term generally used for a small, unexpected gift.

Having grown up in the Carolinas in the southern United States, the term "surcee" is one that I have heard for years. It is generally used by ladies who you mentally associate with white gloves, iced tea, azaleas, and a quiet, genteel nature - southern belles, if you would. People though they may drive Volvos and use cellphones are like living anachronisms, bastions of the Old South in a modern world.

Surcee is not a word that people usually write down and if it is written down, the spelling varies greatly. Circe, sursee, or surcy are often common spellings of the word. The origin of the word has been traced back to the the Irish word "sussie which means "to care" or "to bother oneself." That word is thought to have its origin in the French word "souci" which means "care" or "trouble."

Surcees generally come in all shapes and sizes. From bag of home-made cookies to a small book, the form does not seem to matter much. What makes the surcee special is that it means that giver spent time and energy thinking about the recipient and made the effort to do something for them. In an age where we are more and more driven to look after ourselves and time is a precious commodity, the surcee though a small thing can have a great impact on the lives of others.

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