There was an aunt of mine from my fathers side who lived in the apartment above us with her daughter for a couple years. She once told me, years totaled maybe seven or eight at the time, that if I stuck my head or hands out of the window of a car while moving, they would be chopped off by a passing telephone pole. Maybe she had good intentions. Maybe not. I was rather afraid to enjoy the pushing force of wind at high speeds for a while. Even now it will occasionaly snap from my memory forward, and in a reflex of panic I will jerk my arm back into the car.

When I was five I refused to sit next to the window on the schoolbus. I was completely sure that the sharp fast edge of a metal street sign would one day burst through the window, shaving off half the face of whatever kid was stupid enough to press his cheek to the glass.

Of course, a tragedy of these proportions meant that us aisle-sitters could go home and eat jelly doughnuts while rescue workers cleaned up the mess.

The best way to dry your hair if you are late and driving or riding to work.

Also just to enjoy warm summer night drives.
When I was small and rode the schoolbus, some kid put his head out the window. Almost immediately the bus driver stomped on the brake, sending half of us out of our seats. He ran up out of his seat, pulled the kid up to the front seat of the bus and started giving us all a lecture. The whole thing from the head going out the window to the end of the lecture took around 6 minutes, making us late for school.

Don't stick your head out the window on buses!

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