Square lanyards are made by:

  1. Take two strands of contrasting colors. Consider the first strand A and the second likewise B.
  2. Take A, fold it in half and crimp it with your teeth, or mark it in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the strand at that point. The first half will be A1 and the second A2.
  3. Do the same with B.
  4. Make a loop halfway through A and place a hook in the loop, if desired.
  5. Thread B through the loop. Weave it through in such a way that it creates a loop within A, like so (* = color A, o = color B):
     ***o      ***o*** <--- the “o” at this
       o***      *o*    point goes outward,
       o                like A does
  6. Fold over A1 and A2 and then fold over B1 and B2, weaving them through.
  7. Repeat until a couple inches are left.
  8. There are many ways to finish a lanyard, but the easiest is to grab all four strands and tie and overhand knot.

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