Spooking is an illegal form of cheating used in Blackjack. It is the act of standing behind the dealer to peak at the hole card and then secretly convey the information to a partner player sitting at the table.

An example of this can be seen in the film "Casino", starring Robert de Niro.

This is a play where the player has an agent — a "spook" positioned behind the dealer, most often seated at another blackjack table on the other side of the pit, which enables the agent to view the dealer's hole card when the dealer checks for a blackjack. The "spook" then signals the player at the table with the hole card information, so that the player may play his hand accordingly. Another type of spooking employs an agent in front of the dealer, but far enough away from the table so that his angle of viewing allows him to see the dealer's hole card as per typical front-loading - except that this type of play requires yet another agent to signal the player or players at the table of the hole card value.

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