"Mama mia! That's-a spicy meatball!"

This became a national (US) catchphrase in the early 70's; it was one of a series of Alka-Seltzer TV ads that involved the protagonist eating too much of something (one in which a man morosely repeats "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" led to another catchphrase, as did one with a man who rued heeding someone's exhortations of "Try it! You'll like it!").

The additional kick of the "spicy meatball" commercial was that it was a (uh...) "metacommercial". An actor playing an Italian-American patriarch-ish figure is trying to film a food commercial of some sort, with the "Mama mia!" tagline coming after he tastes the product; as he blows take after take (punctuated by the beeps marking each shot), he's forced to sample more and more of the spaghetti-and-meatballs, leading to upset stomach -- he can barely utter his line after a while.

At the end of each of these commercials, Alka-Seltzer comes to the rescue, and all is well.

And now back to Gunsmoke.

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