A type of cheap, made-in-the-Philippines plasic toy gun, found in a mall in Boston.

Now really, 'Space Blaster' has probably got to be the most generic thing someone can name an item which looks like a cross between the Enterprise and the Millenium Falcon.(And not just looks like, either. Good thing the company that makes these isn't in the US, they might get into copyright trouble)

Powered by the might of three AA batteries, the Space Blaster shoots out 2-inch-diameter foam disks (soft and nonpainful, mostly) up to a distance of 30 ft, and is able to fire them at the rate of at least 2 per second. The launch of the disk is also accompanied by sound and light effects.

This is the kind of thing most boys under 50 dream of having: A toy gun that actually works well, and doesn't cause damage to house or people.

It is easily held in one hand, can carry up to 15 or so disks at once, and has a pretty foolproof firing mechanism. I'm not giving mine up, no matter how nice a gift it would have been for someone.

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