How I miss my childhood.

One of the coolest things was going down to Hershey Park and riding on all the roller coasters. Of course, since I was 10, I would ride on them all, ad nauseum. And of course, my mom and dad, because they're parents, wouldn't ride on them at all, because it only took one ride to make them sick.

My absolute favorite to ride was the Sooperdooperlooper®. Why? Hell if I know. There are coasters today that would smack the SDL sideways in the array of twists, turns and loops they perform. But the SDL was always my favorite. Maybe it's because secretly, I wanted it to get stuck at the top of the loop (the restraining system, so I thought, would keep me in place. While the blood rushed to my head. FUN!). Probably more likely because everyone else was riding the other roller coasters (The Comet was very popular, and when it first opened, The Sidewinder had around a four hour line), and I could ride this one over and over and over.

Maybe because it's just fun to say: "Sooperdooperlooper®".

There's around 11 coasters at Hershey now. I've only ridden four. They keep adding in new ones, but since I'm stuck half a state away, I probably won't get to go back any time soon. C'est la vie.

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