Som"ber, Som"bre [F. sombre; cf. Sp. sombra, shade, prob. from LL. subumbrare to put in the shade; L. sub under + umbra shade. See Umbrage.]


Dull; dusky; somewhat dark; gloomy; as, a somber forest; a somber house.


Melancholy; sad; grave; depressing; as, a somber person; somber reflections.

The dinner was silent and somber; happily it was also short. Beaconsfield.


© Webster 1913.

Som"ber, Som"bre, v. t.

To make somber, or dark; to make shady.



© Webster 1913.

Som"ber, Som"bre, n.

Gloom; obscurity; duskiness; somberness.



© Webster 1913.

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