Also referred to as soda-lime glass. This type, being cheap, accounts for most of the glass manufactured today. Soda glass draws its name from the soda (Na2O) and lime (CaO) elements added to the Silica (sand or SiO2 to sound official). Makeup varies depending on the manufacturer but you can count on most soda glass being between 60-75% silica, 12-18% soda, and 5-12% lime.

When one discusses glassware, lead glass is favored by collectors. Lead glass is what makes up crystal and it also has a nice ring to it when tapped. Soda glass, on the other hand, sounds rather hollow when tapped.

A soda glass is also a form of glass used by bartenders. This form of glass is bigger than a highball glass but is similar in shape, as they are both cylinders in shape. Soda glasses hold about 16 oz. and are traditionally used for… soda..pop..whatever you call it, and a soda glass is rarely used for anything other than soda.

Heavy bottomed like a highball glass but bigger in size, people should be able to recognize that you aren't drinking alcohol if you are holding one of these.

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