Snoo-snoo is a euphemism for sexual copulation. It was used on the television show Futurama where giant Amazonian women treated the characters as sex objects, turning the tables on the patriarchical way current society views men controlling women for sex.

The concept comes from an old joke that used some non-politically correct humor:

Bob and Stanley Livingston are traveling in the jungle when they are captured by natives. Since Bob was the oldest, he is offered two choices for trespassing on their sacred lands: snoo-snoo or death.

Naturally, Bob chooses snoo-snoo, assuming it is better than death. The entire village lines up and they all have sexual intercourse in every possible way. Bloodied, sore, and humiliated, Bob is released.

The natives then ask Stanley the same question: snoo-snoo or death. Deciding that he is a British gentleman of noble stature, he selects death. This confuses the tribe at first, and then the leader says, "Nobody has selected death before, so I declare your method of dying shall be ... Death by Snoo-Snoo!"

Now I didn't say it was a good joke, did I? Anyway, back to Futurama, where they built a whole episode around that rather weak joke, mixing in some social commentary, and adding in a lot of funny jokes -- far funnier than the original one that started this whole mess.

Iron Noder 2017

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