Producing productive atmosphere

A sexretary is a person of either gender who performs general-purpose office / official duties, while at the same time enlivening the office environment with a hormone-oozing productivity-enhancing atmosphere.

Some decades ago sexretaries used to boost the productivity of management level males only, occasionally enlarging their brood. Then things veered in many directions, among others toward an innovative, but quantitatively rather undisturbing egalitarianism in the field of office sociology. Top-level management employees of both genders now use computers. They are thus from time to time able to address general-purpose personal administrative questions themselves.

Such new perspectives understandably led to a deplorable slump in the overall sexretarial market, which for a while created serious productivity problems. The worldwide economic recessions in the early 1990's can easily be tracked back to the scarcity of sexretaries during that regrettable period.

Today workplaces are again up and alive with sexretarial bliss. Tom Cruise look-alikes embellish the male end of the spectrum, while the opposite end is inhabited by any number of hollywoodish-looking females. You can surely imagine the characters that populate the sector in-between.

You will seldom come across a sexretary who has been awarded this title officially. However, history is awash with instances of powerful positions held by people with humble-sounding titles. The all-powerful Armand-Jean du Plessis Richelieu of France was merely called 'cardinal' and Josif Stalin's official title was 'party secretary' (not sexretary, as far as can be gathered from extant sources).

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