A selfie stick is a device used to help people take selfies. It involves a long stick with a handle at one end and a mount at the other end. Many selfie sticks are also telescoping, so they can both provide extra length and still collapse down to a compact form for easy carrying. A smart phone or camera is then mounted on the stick, giving the selfie taker a reach that is much longer than their own arm, and therefore gives better angle choices. The camera being further away also allows for more background to be included in the photo, as the selfie person doesn't fill up the shot angle as much. A selfie stick is most useful when wanting to take selfies including scenery or large groups of people.

A selfie stick is designed to be connected to the phone or camera by a cable or bluetooth, so that the photo can easily be taken by pressing a button on the selfie stick handle instead of the camera. In the absence of this connectivity, the selfie person would have to rely on a timer on the camera. Some models also rely on a wireless remote button that is separate to both the camera and the selfie stick.

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