Scrip"ture (?; 135), n. [L. scriptura, fr. scribere, scriptum, to write: cf. OF. escripture, escriture, F. 'ecriture. See Scribe.]


Anything written; a writing; a document; an inscription.

I have put it in scripture and in remembrance. Chaucer.

Then the Lord of Manny read the scripture on the tomb, the which was in Latin. Ld. Berners.


The books of the Old and the new Testament, or of either of them; the Bible; -- used by way of eminence or distinction, and chiefly in the plural.

There is not any action a man ought to do, or to forbear, but the Scripture will give him a clear precept or prohibition for it. South.

Compared with the knowledge which the Scripteres contain, every other subject of human inquiry is vanity. Buckminster.


A passage from the Bible;; a text.

The devil can eite Scripture for his purpose. Shak.

Hanging by the twined thread of one doubtful Scripture. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

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