May 30:

Hey folks,

I am working on upgrading the webservers from Debian squeeze to Debian wheezy. This is overdue by more than a few months. We have one wheezy webhead in rotation now, and so if you're seeing errors, they are intermittent. We are recording problems that we see, so don't hesitate to bring them up if you see something, so we can chase it down. We'll have more about the improvments coming in June shortly

May 31:

Wheezy-based cleanups:

Dug out a horribly deep bug in writeup maintenance update

Message Inbox javascript reply bug killed

Jun 1:

zen titlebar didn't do anything because one doc didn't exist and the other one didn't actually show up. Cleaned that out: zen container, zen mobile container, guest front page

Jun 22:

Completely refactored the infected and ip logging stuff to pull it out of the view layer and push it into the Application layer, where it can more easily be refactored.

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