An example of creative dog breeding, the roodle is the result of a rottweiler crossed with a poodle. The only place I've seen them for sale online is at a dog breeding company in Australia by the name of Valley View Dog Breeders, though they shouldn't be too hard to find in other places as well.

According to the website, their roodle puppies have a chocolate mini poodle sire and a rottweiler dame. The pups stand about 45cm high at the shoulder, and have a stocky build and from what they say, a sweet disposition. The roodle's personality must be interesting given that depending on who you talk to, poodles are either snooty or very intelligent, while rottweilers seem to be considered either vicious killers or loving sweethearts. Pictures of this adorable combination can be found at the website listed below.

In other funny dog names/mixes, the website also offers the labradoodle, schnoodle, and spoodle. The cockapoo, however, is not mentioned.

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