A small, round, fat cheese of the Munster type with an almost unbearably strong smell (closely reproducible by wearing socks long enough), produced in the area of the former duchy of Limbourg, which today is part of the Belgian provinces Liège and Limburg, and the Dutch province of Limburg. In other words: Limburger cheese, mostly known from Herve and the surrounding area.

This cheese is consumed, and often sold, in a state in which it liquidifies at room temperature, a condition in which it is impossible to transport without deeply offending all humans within a 100 meter distance. An acquired taste.

I was once told by a cheese shop owner that the hallmark of true rommedou is the presence of live maggots. He claimed to have learnt this from a Limburger woman, who had walked into his shop, explained how maggots improve the ripening process, opened a package, and was satisfied to find them.

I am not making this up, but my own experience contradicts it.

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