Ring mail is a type of medieval armor that is a popular item of equipment in many Fantasy Role-Playing games.

Ring mail is a primitive form of chain mail, and is also related to studded leather armor as well. It is a soft leather jacket that has had hundreds of metal rings sewn into it. This is much easier to make than chain mail but does not provide nearly as much protection, because the rings are not interlocked.

Ring mail is popular among bandits and town militias because it can be produced by an unskilled armorer fairly easily. Skilled armorers rarely make this armor because you can construct a far superior suit of chainmail for the same cost in raw materials.

This armor has a few drawbacks. It is easily damaged, any blow is likely to knock off a couple of rings, and this armor can only be repaired so much before the underlying leather is destroyed. Secondly, the soft leather backing is difficult to keep clean, which means it quickly gains a fowl odor from accumulated sweat and dirt. If worn for too long the armor can even begin to house lice and other insects.

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