Traces its heritage back to Paul Revere himself, evolving over the 1800s as a conglomeration of brass and copper foundries, although now it is owned by Borden, Inc. along with the consumer products formerly of Corning.

Revereware, the copper-clad, stainless steel cookware seen all over the United States was created in 1938. The fusing of copper to stainless steel was thought to be impossible until Revere scientists did it. Also unique to Revereware at the time was the pistol-grip shaped, phenolic handles, modeled after a well-used silversmith's hammer. Also, the rounded shape of the pans made them easier to clean.

Revereware's chief competitor is Farberware, although the actual pots and pans are largely interchangeable.

They are a mass-market kitchen tools supplier like Farberware, with items that are better quality than many discount store brands, but quite a bit below, say, Cuisinart, or All-Clad or the like that you could get at a Williams-Sonoma.

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