According to the scientific authorities on such matters, who as a result of necessarily heavy research schedules don't have much time for sex and so are probably reproducing at a much lower rate than the general population and therefore won't have much to say on this issue in a couple of generations or so if this keeps up which means we have to act fast, from a purely scientific aspect it seems that in terms of reproduction the primary focus of the female human is to find a reliable provider to father her children and that's about all really, whereas the focus of the male is to share his genes with as many females as possible and that's about all really also, the resulting frenetic schedule on the male's part naturally obviating his protracted personal involvement in raising the consequent offspring, a lifestyle I think most males of marriageable age would agree off the record if there weren't any women within earshot is absolutely right on the mark in practically all respects. Now I ask you, is this a major conflict or what, for the woman to want one mate and the man to want many? Does this not fly in the face of the surface at least of the present and obsessively stringent and divisive social order, not to mention pull down the pants of political correctness to reveal a very nice ass indeed? The only way around this dilemma that I can see, outside the religious hall of mirrors, is multilevel spontaneous polygamy. Under my carefully thought-out plan, each man would right now have as many wives as he can stand, each of his wives of course thereby having only one husband she doesn't have to stand very much of either. Of course if a wife should want a new husband for whatever reason, that can be arranged; she could even have multiple husbands, if she wanted, under my system, but she'd clearly be an anomaly, according to the endangered experts (whose numbers by the way would be greatly augmented by my plan, giving us an abundant supply of experts for future needs like this). In fact, given the obvious predilection of everything around us, I mean look at the birds, look at the bees, I say we let everybody do whatever they want, sexwise, and just stop talking about it all the time and looking at pictures of it and salivating, and things will improve a lot. Traffic will clear up, we won't need reservations for anything, no more long lines, jobs will open up all over the place, because so many more people will be so busy orgasming at any given time. The crime rate will plunge, and we can return to the simpler, more natural, completely intimate and fully oversatiated lifestyle that is our birthright. We'll talk about contraception and the other stuff in the morning.

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