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wireless data guy. very nice. too nice. I hate the people that fired me from my previous job. I almost have what it takes to my own company. I like a new technology called Bluetooth. It allows people to connect many various devices together. without wires. I think that kicks ass. Hope you are not reading this looking for inspiration. After all 99% perspiration is what you really need. That was a quote from Thomas Edison. He was a great inventor. So was Nikolas Tesla. No body remem.bers him, though. He probably had a great time during his life, I haven't read his biography but I did buy it and I will read it soon. Anyway, he invented some of our most important inventions and no one remembers him. But if he lived the life he wa.nted, can you say he was not successful. If I'm pushing up daisy's and feeding the tree, do you think I give a damn about what your grandkids think about me? Do you? I like Emmet Swimming Frank Black Possum Dixon