An instrumented glove originally manufactured by Abrams-Gentile Entertainment (AGE Inc) to be plugged into the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was worn by the user (only a right-hand model was ever available) and it measured the bend of the first four finger (very inaccurately) as well as the roll of the hand and the x, y and z positions using ultrasound.

It was the first consumer level glove that was widely available. Manufacture was stopped after poor sales and/or a patent dispute. It was incredibly crappy ... it came with Mike Tyson's Punchout as the original game. But, since nothing better is available, it is still a favourite among homebrew virtual reality hackers. It can be hacked to connect to a PC using a parallel port (a nasty hack), or using an interface such as the Menelli box, to the serial port.

You can still find used ones advertised occasionally on the sci.virtual-worlds newsgroup for about US$50. Other gloves of this type include the VPN DataGlove or the Virtual Technologies CyberGlove. Beware, however, the latter costs between US$5000 and US$15000, depending on the options.

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