In NetHack, this is pretty wacky stuff. I hesitate to speculate on the contents, but at least it doesn't age you a year like the AD&D equivalents. Quaffing this potion, in any form, will often give you the edge you need to escape from a monster or chase down a leprechaun or something.

All versions of the potion are equivalent to wearing speed boots for the duration of the effect, which makes you very fast (there are different degrees of speed in NetHack which have ramifications on who moves first and how combat proceeds). The blessed and uncursed versions will heal your legs if they are wounded (no doubt from foolishly kicking a wall).

Durations: blessed, 160 to 169 turns; uncursed, 100 to 109 turns; cursed, a pathetic 40 to 49 turns.

Throwing the potion has the same effect on the victim as if they quaffed it themselves. Inhaling the vapors speeds you up for a measly 1 to 5 turns.

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