One of the many ways memes of scientific knowledge and new discoveries may be disseminated in to the popular psyche.

Since science isn’t only about about innovation and finding ways to make life easier/more fulfilling, but also about increasing our understanding of the world around us (pure science) the popularisation of scientific theories through books like James Gliek’s Chaos (Mathematics/Physics), Oliver SacksThe Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Cognitive Science/ Psychology), Simon Singh’s Fermat’s Enigma (Mathematics) or John Maddox’s What Remains to be Discovered (Many Topics) is a critical step in science fulfilling one of its more neglected purposes: educating the population at large.

Unfortunately, in order to make ideas accessible to laymen readers pop-science books Frequently water down the original concepts to the point where the central idea behind them is lost or they sensationalise an idea so the popular understanding becomes critically flawed. This is why it is a miraculous achievement when and author is able to convey important scientific ideas in language that almost anyone can read.

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