I found an old spelling test of my daughter's from May 18, 1984, which would have made her 10 years old at the time. I chose ten words and intended to write 5 sentences for 5 scenarios. What happened was the following:

the words: climb, extra, curve, tiny, you'll, scar, crumb, kneel, relax, I'll

scenario # one:
I'll climb as far up that ladder as possible to get extra Christmas tree lights so you can relax. But if you kneel too long by the tiny crèche, trying to see baby Jesus, you'll curve a temporary scar across the back of your knees. Don't worry if you drop a cookie crumb or two. The dog will eat it.

scenario # two:
Relax, the curve in the road is just ahead and then you'll be able to kneel and pray at the tiny shrine before the climb. I'll say extra prayers so you don't get another scar. I packed a thermos of hot chocolate, apples, and cinnamon crumb cake. Watch out or the dog will eat it.

scenario #three
I'll carry you the extra mile; that was a hard curve and a long climb. You'll find a tiny crumb or two in my pocket. If you hadn't stopped to kneel, your head wound would have been worse. You can relax, the scar will disappear eventually. The dog, however, won't be eating anything anymore.

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