I think it would be cool to live on a really small planet. I'm thinking something like ten kilometers in radius. The real problem would be lack of gravity, of course. I figure I could imbed a chunk of neutron star inside a small globe of rock to give it a gravity equall to one Earth gravity. The problem with this is that I don't know if the neutron star would just cause the microplanet to collapse into itself...maybe it wouldn't have enough mass; after all, it would only mass as much as the Earth, not as much as a whole neutron star.

I think I could put this planetlet in orbit opposite the Earth, in a Kemplerer Rosette with the Earth. Perhaps we could have a whole string of them in orbit around the sun, each at one astronomical unit. With a large mountain on one side, it should be possible to offset the planetlet's center of mass enough to create tides. Or perhaps we could simply offset the neutron star core to achieve the same effect.

The main problem with this world would be the lack of weather. The atmosphere would be so small that any temperature differential between the poles and tropics would quickly even out. Besides, with the world spinning with a tangential velocity of about one four-hundreth of the Earth's, there would be very little coriolis effect. Perhaps this could be offset by spinning the world so that each day would only last four minutes, but, what with the tides and human physiology, that would get really old quickly. Maybe I'd just have to do without weather... It would be weird to have the horizon so low, too. Hmm... maybe this needs more thought...

Blast it people! I know it's a giant rod idea! The gravity would collapse the planet and all. But it would still be COOL!

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