"So and so couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery."
This is a common phrase of criticism or abuse, referring to organisational skills and lack thereof. Note: piss up is a synonym for a drinking session.
Actually organising a piss up in a brewery does take some effort.

  1. Contact the brewery and find out when they do tours.

  2. Co-ordinate with enough friends to make the event happen. Most breweries have a minimum number of people for a tour.

  3. Confirm the booking with the brewery.

  4. Make sure you have a driver / enough drivers. Most breweries are out of town, far from public transport. Make sure that the driver(s) are rewarded after the event for keeping sober while they watch you enjoying yourselves.

Brewery tours are a great deal of fun. Although there is much to see in a large brewery, you are usually only given a single complementary pint of beer. The small breweries usually give free beer - having paid your entrance, as much as you can drink.

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