A Persocon is a special kind of android featured in CLAMP's Chobits (an anime and manga). Persocons basically look exactly like humans except that they have large metal ears that contain wires for them to hook up to other persocons or to any visual interface (ie monitor or TV screen).

Persocons are designed to be the all-in-one technical device: They are like a PalmPilot and at the same time a companion, a maid as well as a friend. Any task you would like to program them to do, they are able to do it. They can act as translators, dates, maids, address books, or even researchers.

All Persocons run on an OS (Operating System) and have easily detected memory systems. They learn via listening and being shown certain actions as well as programming. Most Persocons are programmed to have a certain amount of character, but they have no will of their own.

There is a certain kind of Persocon that breaks all of the rules stated in the previous paragraph, and that is the Chobits. Chobits were the first Persocons developed. They are capable of free will and have an amazing learning system that is solely based on example. They have no known OS and no detectable memory.

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