"You make your exp with your ass cheeks." (roughly translated from Finnish)

The world of online gaming, especially online role-playing, is populated by a large number of high school students who are under the impression that large amounts of leisure time equate with gaming skill. The mating call of such players typically resembles: "I am level 90 and have pre-patch Shadowhunter armor, and you are only level 40! How dare you open that chest! You better not go pkiller any time soon on this server!" (Note: To enhance readability in this example, I have replaced "u" with "you", corrected the spelling, replaced numerals/special characters with their alphabetic equivalents, removed fifty seven swear words, and stripped out one reference to interspecies sexual congress)

In Finland, one of earlier bastions of online gaming, the correct reply to such pimple faced wonders has long been known. "You make your experience with your ass cheeks." (U m4k3 ur 3xp \/\/1th y0ur a55 ch33k$ u kuntzf4c3)

This saying states that spending eight hours a day clicking a mouse button is nothing to be proud of, yet is much more effective than trying to explain the concepts of work or real fun to your antagonist. Rather than spawning a debate about devotion to the game, you have devalued such "devotion" entirely. By sublimely debasing the achievements of the mighty, it reminds us all that having an n^th level character is not necessarily a matter of skill, and is often a matter of a widening ass.

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