Yet another luxury design from Joanne Muegge, the 1974 "Adam Muegge" has proven to be a very reliable and sporty design. The first of the 2nd generation Muegges, the 1974 muegge is clearly here to stay.


Cornering is good, especially at high speeds. With a larger dimensions than some of the other 2nd generation muegges, the adam appears at first to be a model built more for comfort than speed, but out on the back roads you can just sit back and just watch him fly. Acceleration is good, and the top speed matches most of the breed.

Overall, very acceptable performance. Cornering under speedy conditions worsens as the 1974 ages, but many other performance factors get better with age.


Extremely low maintence, the 1974 muegge is well suited for recreation. Occasional visits to the manufacturer must still be observed, but it is rare when these visits result in any sort of upkeep.


The 1974 muegge is well suited to eclectic tastes - typically the sound system comes well stocked with various funky selections.

In technical environments, the 1974 muegge excels, and though not specifically billed by the manufacturer as a technical model, it is easy to see how the 1974 muegge would perform well in technical environments, both for testing and in the real world.


In summary, the 1974 muegge is a tasteful and low maintenance addition to any collection, and an excellent choice for muegge enthusiasts.

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