Making it Bigger: The Penis You Always Wanted

  The question that every guy asks himself at one time or another is the one of whether or not his penis is large enough, and how he can make it larger. There are mail order companies which sell products that claim to enlarge your penis or that advertise “add three inches to your penis over night, with a prosthetic enlargement device” making money off of people’s ignorance of the word “prosthetic”, which means artificial replacement. So they sell you a fake penis to replace yours. This leaves the option of surgery which will increase the size of your penis at a price. Not only will your pocketbook feel it but you won’t get the results you were looking for. Since they did lengthen your penis its hard to complain that you didn’t get the results you wanted, but the surgically added tissue does not sustain an erection and acts like a limp sock hanging on the end of your penis. Not quite what you wanted but, hey, look at the bright side your penis is larger!

  Before you start trying any of these techniques I would recommend a visit to The Definitive Penis Size Survey to check and see how you measure up. Before we get on to the techniques let me mention some Disadvantages of Having a larger penis.
If your penis is very large ( 8+ long , 6.5+ around) some women may refuse you intercourse.
If your penis is very long (8+ inches), it will hit the woman’s cervix and cause pain, thus you will have to be more careful with your thrusts and more often than not you wont be able to go in all the way and part of your penis will get left out in the cold.
If your penis is very long you will rarely get deep throated. If it is very thick it will be hard for most women to put your penis in her mouth. If she can you may get hit by her teeth which is rather painful.
If you enjoy anal sex, the bigger you are the less chance you will have of getting a woman to agree to it.

  Now it's going to take some dedication for this to work. Around a couple months is about right. I will say that this is not for everyone, myself included. Not everyone has the desire or urge to play with their penis everyday. After some time it does get boring and loses all sense of fun, then it becomes like a chore and nobody likes doing chores. Don’t forget playing with your penis too often can cause blindness!
  Now there are different techniques to add girth and length to your penis. Some may appeal to you and some won't, it all depends on the individual.

Penis Measurement:
First things first you need to go get a tape measure, ruler, or something to measure yourself with. Measure and record your flaccid length and girth, then your erect length and girth. This is to monitor your progress. If you haven’t already checked The Definitive Penis Size Survey now would be a good time since you have your measurements. Now that you know how you measure up and what’s average, it's time to set a goal for yourself. Be practical with your goals, don't set them too high.

Methods for Enlargement:
Use a moderate grip only. If you squeeze to hard you can bruise and/or rupture the blood vessels. If you do this wait till they heal before continuing any techniques. If you see any red dots on your penis then you used to tight a grip and ruptured some blood vessels. People who injure their penis do not deserve to own one and should shampoo every man’s crotch for punishment for injuring their own.

The Jelq Technique or Milking the Penis
This technique's origins lie in the Middle East where it was traditionally taught father to son when the child reached adolescence. Now then:
1) Start with a flaccid penis; put some sort of lubricant on your penis and hands
2) Grip your penis with an overhand grip using your thumb and index finger
3) Squeeze ever so gently and milk your penis down to the head, stretching your penis as you go. Once you reach the head start over.
4) Do this for around 30 minutes
If you start to get hard or feel the urge to ejaculate, stop and wait till it passes then continue for this needs to be done with a semi-hard penis to work.
What you are doing is forcing blood into the corpora cavernosa (spongy tissue of the penis) and over time they will stretch and grow to allow more blood to fill the area, and hence your penis will thicken and lengthen. Also, over time this technique will stretch the suspensory ligament which will help to lengthen the penis.

The Stretch Technique
1) Your penis should be flaccid to semi-hard
2) Grip the head of your penis with your thumb and first three fingers, with an over hand grip, the middle finger should wrap around just below the head of the penis.
3) Gently and slowly stretch your penis as far as it will stretch without any pain or discomfort and hold for 15-30 seconds.
4) You should do this several times a day. After urination, a hot bath, shower, or any time that gives you access to your penis.
By stretching the penis 6 to 12 times a day you help to lengthen the suspensory ligament and tissues of the penis which will help to lengthen the penis over time.

Taoist Exercises
The next exercises are Taoist techniques for giving the penis a mushroom shape and to produce harder erections. Both of these are done with an erect penis.
To Reshape the Penis
1) Somehow achieve a erect penis, it doesn’t matter how
2) Grip the shaft of your penis with and underhand grip
3) Squeeze firmly but not too hard
4) Slide your hand up to the head, as if forcing blood into it. You should see it expand and darken. Hold for a few seconds then release. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

To Strengthen the Penis and Produce Harder Erections
1) Once again achieve a erect penis somehow
2) Grip the shaft of your penis with an underhand grip
3) Squeeze firmly but not too hard. Hold for a few seconds then release. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

Note: All information was collected off the internet and is not made up, these are the techniques used by the penis enlargement websites. Yours for free!

Note: This writeup was re-noded @ the request of Darksnake... damn quitter.

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