This has nothing to do with the original write up, but the title reminds me of russian bathrooms, You have to pay 10 cents to pee, and if you want toilet papar you have to pay more, cause it implies you are going to be doing more then just peeing. And if you flush more then once they will knock and demend more money.
'They' are usually old russian ladies that work there, sometimes there is a staff of 10 or more.

Ahhhh...I am so proud of my mother land.

In Turkey (most specifically at the coach depot in Istanbul, but in many public places), there is not only a payment system associated with draining your little man, there's a little toll booth at the shithouse door. That's right--you have to give a moustachioed Turkish fellow 500,000TL (about 35 cents, USD), give him a friendly but uncomfortable nod, and then push your way through a metal turnstile in order to take a pee. It's kind of like hopping on a subway, except everything smells like pee. Ha, ha.

There is no additional fee for defecation as described above, but don't expect toilet paper. While it is common in homes and some businesses in metropolitan Turkey, it is not a common feature of public restrooms, even those you pay good money to use. On the bright side you usually have a fancy little bidet there to get you all wet with water and feces. As per the usual, it consists of a little tube attatched to the inside of the toilet bowl, cut apparently with a pocket knife, that squirts water when you turn a rusty knob located somewhere inside the stall (there is no standardization for this, and that is infuriating).

On the other hand, I can say without doubt that Turkish beer is some of the best in the world. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

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