Role Playing Gamer (RPGer) slang term for a certain type of player. This is the sort that sits there staring into the distance or reading a comic under the table, only to rouse at random intervals (or when bludgeoned with a sharp implement) to say something like "I follow them." or "I kill him.", often at very badly chosen times. One example was the part timer who woke up and demanded to "follow them". Upon being informed that nobody was going anywhere and that they were infact in a locked room he asked who was there, perking up when he discovered that there was a bad guy present. "I kill him!" he chirped to the massed protests of the rest of the group who had just begun the process of interogating their hard fought captive. Unfortunately for the captive part timers tend to have one track minds. I had one particularly impressive part timer in my gaming group (who was prone to eating dice) who actually managed to do something constructive. During a game of Shadowrun the group were in a car chase when the part timer, on hearing the name of a particularly hated bad guy screamed "I kill him", unaware that he was in a car swerving around a road at the best part of 200mph. "How?" I asked. "I grenade the bastard!" the part timer replied. The other players started asking about the logistics of abandoning a moving vehicle. The (hideously nasty) dificulty was calculated. The rolls were made. Bizarely enough the grenade sailed gracefuly through the opposing car's window, bounced on the floor and.


Instant tomato wallpaper with bits in. He then lapsed back into part timer mode for the rest of the session. Ah well, the same guy did think that a head on collision at 90% of the speed of light would result in only minor bruising (this is true), maybe it is simple stupidity...

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