Originally from the depths of the Asheron's Call 1 Morningthaw VNboards (Vault Network Message Boards), osmethne quickly became a cult icon because of it's use in this post:

i have the damn ass patron he sucks his name is Zell Dencht im one of his vassels i wotn sya name so he sucks and lies and his a asshole he says osmethne and then doesn't do it and got lame ass vassels im the only one who isnt lame in that his allegince it sucsk and he sucks again his name is zell dencht no one swear to him

Osmethne, somehow formed from a typo of the word 'something,' is used in place of 'something' when mocking others who have trouble typing things correctly or can be used in place of roughly any word when you can't think of a word or just have nothing else to say.

Uh... osmethne!

Note: During the time between the monthly patches of June and July, Turbine Entertainment Software (developer of Asheron's Call) held a contest to name a new town in the game. A few people from Morningthaw joined together to vote for the new town to be named 'Osmethne' but sadly, not enough votes were cast for that name for it to stick.

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