In noble Arthur’s court, not once will you hear of his degenerate brother Spencer. You see, Spencer was more of a sit-around-and-drink-er than a do-er. Camelot’s King usually keeps Spencer locked away in the chambers set in the farthest part of the Pendragon castle from Arthur’s chambers.

Arthur will always tell you that he’s never embarrassed of his brother, but Spencer upsets Guinevere, and we can’t have the wife upset, don’t you see? And Spencer would be an embarrassment to himself. The only reason he’s a Knight of the Round table is because Uther made Arthur promise that Spencer could play with them “on an equal level” because he “is your brother after all, Arthur.” This sort of stern rule was one that Arthur promised to himself to keep, though it was strangely out of character for Uther to give a rat’s ass about his other son.

Anyway, Lancelot and Spencer get on fantastically - even if Guinevere disapproves….Lancelot doesn’t tell her everything, seeing as how she won’t leave Arthur. On that note, Lancelot decides that maybe he can convince her later that night. But for now, it’s off to the tavern with Spencer.

Spencer, of course, is already a little unstable, but they manage down into the town, Spencer stumbling into the tavern as Lancelot drags him to a table by the elbow.

After a good five hours of getting trashed, the two best friends stumble and stagger back to Spencer’s chambers, giggling and telling jokes that aren’t even that funny, falling onto Spencer’s large bed.

Lancelot springs up from the bed, instantly remembering that he was going to try to convince Guinevere to run away with him tonight. Telling Spencer this, he leaves the rooms hurriedly, dashing (and falling multiple times along the way) to Guinevere’s rooms.

Spencer, of course, is left with his own thoughts, muddled from all the liquor. He wonders how long he’ll be the unlucky, lonely, drunken knight. The Pendragon that didn’t live up to the excellence and prestige brought with the name.

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