Ob"tu*ra`tor (?), n. [NL., fr. L. obturare to stop up: cf.F. obturateur.]


That which closes or stops an opening.

2. (Surg.)

An apparatus designed to close an unnatural opening, as a fissure of the palate.


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Ob"tu*ra`tor, a. (Anat.)

Serving as an obturator; closing an opening; pertaining to, or in the region of, the obturator foramen; as, the obturator nerve.

Obturator foramen (Anat.), an opening situated between the public and ischial parts of the innominate bone and closed by the obturator membrane; the thyroid foramen.


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Ob"tu*ra`tor, n.

1. (Ordnance)

Any device for preventing the escape of gas through the breech mechanism of a breech-loading gun; a gas check.

2. (Photog.)

A camera shutter.


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