Have you ever noticed "things" that you haven't noticed before? Sometimes I notice things and I wondered why I hadn't noticed them before. Perhaps a curious blend of the moment at hand? My thoughts, the circumstances ...

I could go on painting a nice mental pictures for you so that it becomes the "flavour of the month" on everything. You could mentally wank over nice metaphors, some hot imagery of my tortured childhood clashing against the pinkness of the petunias flowering in my garden. I won't do that because it's all a fucking wank; a big mutual masturbation session where you get to node your deep inner thoughts. I am happy that you get some sense of release. The passing notion that this is all somehow meaningful to what you do. Let me just present some far fetched idea about the impact of what it is you do here. There will perhaps be 5 people that really read the node you wrote. There is a good chance that 3 out of 4 people will give up after the first paragraph when they realise that the node you wrote is all about you and offers them nothing at all.

Look at me for instance. I'm just writing this node because it is all about me. Even nodes that are about another topic are really about the person that wrote them. They just want you to vote for what they wrote so that they get more votes. It's a cloaked selfish grab at reputation. They'll even brazenly steal other peoples words to do it or more cheekily, but no less despicably, "paraphrase" other people's content and brand it their own.

There is a good chance that the next time someone looks at your node after it's honeymoon period they'll have followed a random link to get there. That actually fills me with a greater sense of achievement than thinking some noder has purposefully looked here.

So we're building this big pile of useless information... I hope we notice something beyond it before we get too carried away with making it everything that it turns into a greater pile of shit than it already is.

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