It is easy to understand that there have been things wrong. It had to change. I had to change. I did.

It is obvious now. The worst is here and I cannot move away from its heavy pull.

I cannot believe how light, how free. Bright sparks fly from my brain and shoot out as stars into the night sky, as I pace toward the place you are.

Each face holds its lies and I would swing, trip, hold down and kick. The anger in me.

Overtaken by the simple beauty of the lights of the city dancing over the river as I cross the bridge. Oranges and golden cream elongated over currents.

I know it cannot work. I know that two can connect, but never in permanence. I would not want it anyway. I always destroy what I need to keep.

I am wrong, right, decided, ambiguous, loving, hating.
At least that is clear.

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