This little message is something that has recently appeared in GUI design that allows advanced users to eliminate annoying messages that they already understand and don't need told to them again. This is very prevalent in Windows software which is some what dumbed down to appeal to those who are unintiated to computers. If memory serves, I've seen them in Unix programs also. Anyway, the real point is how these tiny little features have effected my real life. Now, when someone says something to me that I find annoying or unnecessary I will say to the "Don't ever, ever say that again," which I always have to follow with, "I'm not being mean, I just don't want/need to hear that," in order to not hurt anyone's feelings. So I guess that the people who write software finally came up with a feature that is more or less revolutionary. I never said this before. I don't think I would have been inspired to say it, especially so matter-of-factly in the normal course of my life. So there it is. Maybe I'm just a jerk.

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