In the last few years, research hs suggested that the elusive neutrinos have mass. If this is indeed the case, there is a possibility of them also having massive isosinglet partners; neutral heavy leptons. These neutral heavy leptons wouldn't interact via the weak nuclear force, but would rather be detected after they decay into charged leptons and neutrinos.

The so-called Karmen experiment at ISIS (a condensed matter science facility concentrating on neutron and muon physics) in Rutherford, UK, has detected anomalies in the energy deposited in their detector, which they have attributed to a possible neutral particle produced via pion decay. The MiniBooNE experiment (at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) began collecting data July 31, 2001, and will hopefully be able to detect this anomaly, as well as neutral heavy leptons within a larger rage of masses by searching for their decays.

- Neutral Heavy Lepton Search at MiniBooNE; Sarah Case, Janet Conrad and Michael Shaevitz, Columbia University
- Google

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