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Literally, someone who is afraid of anything new.

Used in transhumanist circles to specifically refer to a person who fears technological change and advancement, the development of new technology and how it is applied to life. A person who thinks life as it is now is either as advanced as it should be, or even wishes things would go backwards (perhaps suffering from now shock).

Often, the fears are based on perceived effects of the changes, especially those technologies which offer the potential for serious amounts of change in society. Potentially disruptive technologies such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are often the focus of these feelings - a prime example may be the article wrote by Sun's Bill Joy, "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us".

Many traunshumanist ideas are prime targets of neophobes, because often they present the possibilities of radical change, both physically and socially, and change is always threatening to some people.

Neophobes sometimes will attempt to justify their feelings by going into disasterbation, and convince themselves that an idea is just too dangerous to even attempt.

A luddite is a good example of a neophobe.

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