A derogatory term for the new upper and upper middle class. Originally from a Utah Phillips folk song/rant. It is used to refer to the class of people who discuss the displaced ruiling class of Tibet over dinner, followed by a discussion on how horrible their SUV's are on gas over desert, and 150$ a bottle wine (that they cannot really afford).

These are the people who reach deep into their pockets, past all of their $50's and $20's to find a $5 to drop in the SOLV-ALL buckets outside of Macys.

Your average NARP knows 7 types of bread, loves mushrooms, and believes in supporting local retailers, but goes to Wegmans instead of the local health fool co-op. They espouse that they are "alternative" but are afraid of those crazy raver people. They sit around their basement apartments, in their hand woven Mexican sweaters, and get high, just so they can say they have done it.

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