The archetypical response to: "Hey, you guys have fifteen hit albums, sellout world tours, unlimited quantities of pharmaceutical confectionaries, and hordes of prepubescent girls following you around. So why is the band splitting up?". To which the main protagonist shifts uncomfortably in his seat, sniffs a little (due to impaired septum), and murmurs, "Well, you know, man, we had like, a lot of, err... musical differences". The other band members nod sagely at this, and echo, "yeah, that's right: musical differences..."

There is something awfully Spinal Tappish about this phenomenon, although it was actually brought to mind when watching one of those Behind the Music type shows recently, and (whoever it was), said, "yeah, we had to let him go. He's still a great friend, but we don't talk at all nowadays. We had a lot of, err... musical differences."

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