This is what happened when I was mugged a few months ago. I won't get anything from this but maybe you will.

I was going to my girlfriends house in Moss Side (well actually just on the border) and the final part of the journey was a 600m(correction: thinking about it later, it's actually about 250m-ish) walk down a partially lit stretch of main road to her house. I got about half way down when I spotted a couple of kids (just short of mid-adolescence by my guess at that point). I crossed the road and tried to look as if I hadn't noticed them.
Would you be surprised if this was the point it went pear shaped? I thought not.
One of the kids was on a bike so he came over to me from across the road and stopped in front of me, stopping me from going forward. He started pestering me, asking me if I had any fags or some change for the bus. Yes, I was starting to shit myself now! I tried to politely tell him no I don't (even though I did have both). At this point he said "What's that in your pocket?" pointing to my wallet. He told me to give it to him, again I politely declined. He then told me that his friend (across the road) had a gun. Oh yeah, right. BUT there were 2 of them and one was on a bike leaving the running and fighting options out of the question. Plan B was to capitulate. Oh well, at least I wasn't hurt.

Since there was a phone box across the road, I called the police while I could still see them walking away and then spent a whole 2 hours telling the story I just put here.
I was more annoyed at losing the wallet (a birthday present) and a picture of Sarah and a night that I had intended to spend enjoying myself rather than being mugged.

In case there are any thoughts of they were poor and needed the money, they both had clothes and foot wear I won't be able to buy until 4 years after I graduate.

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