July 31st is the largest moving day in the college town where I live. Most leases start August 1st, so on July 31, everyone scrambles to cram all their earthly possessions into cars, trucks, moving vans, what have you, then try to find some habitable place to spend the one evening of the year when they will be homeless.

Moving day is also a big day for those who engage in a popular sport called dumpster diving. I've heard that you can find wonderful furniture just ripe for the taking on moving day, but being preoccupied with moving all of the things that I own down three blocks on the same street today, I wouldn't know.

Some tips to make moving day a more pleasant experience for everyone involved:

  • Start early. I've learned this one the hard way. Days before you move, you look around thinking, "Man, I should really box some of this shit up." Then you do something more fun instead. Don't do that next time. Moving sucks anyway when you are hauling heavy boxes around, but it sucks even worse when you haven't even packed the heavy boxes yet.
  • Find boxes. Free cardbord boxes can be found at your local recycling center and don't overlook the liquor stores.
  • Be a girl. You'd be amazed at how much work you can get out of by batting your eyes.
  • Find a friend with Vicodin. You will need this when you throw your back out. It's even better when you have a beer with it after the moving.

I never want to move again. Ever.

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