There are several degrees of motorcycle camping:
1) Touring Camping: where the rider carries everything one needs to camp on the bike. Tent, sleeping bag, stove, groceries, etc.
2) Chase Car Camping: similar to the above, except that you've got a non-motorcyclist friend in the party who drives the car that carries all the junk - freeing the bikes of the luggage burden.
3) Hotel Camping: sure, it's really not CAMPING, but it fits in the hierarchy. You carry some clothes, but bed at a hotel each night. Food is usually done in restaurants.
4) Jacket Camping: where you rough-it to whatever extent you wish, but don't carry anything more than you can carry in your pockets.
5) Credit Card Camping: Like the above, but you carry only the essentials*: change of underwear, toothbrush, cellphone (for making hotel reservations), and the credit card that fixes all of your other desires.

* - of course, every good adventurer knows to always carry a towel.

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