An ointment (white cream in a metal tube) commonly used in South East Asian countries to relieve the itch of mosquito bites - a Japanese product.
Translating from the Bahasa Malaysia written on my favourite tube, it says that the ointment soothes pain and reduces itchiness. It can be used for relief of insect bites, %#@(*& after shaving, headaches, pimples, blocked nose, aching muscles (and two more points I can't translate).
Not surprisingly, the composition is given as
menthol 3.92%
methyl salicylate 3.75% (you might know it as the anti inflammatoryaspirin)
camphor 5.83%
and an ointment base 86.5%.
Composition is unbelieavably similar to Deep Heat, a cream for rubbing into aching muscles and joints, esp. after sports/exercise: lots of methyl salicylate (up to 20%!), menthol and camphor.

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