This 80's mini-fad started out with the stuffed animals, if I remember correctly.

They're ape-like things with molded plastic faces, hands, and feet. The little abominations had fingers and toes that could be stuck into their mouths or hands. Of course the gesture formed by inserting the finger from one hand into the encircled fingers of the other hand indicates fornication. The open, half-puckered mouth resembles a blow-up doll.

These langored in relative obscurity for what seemed like a few years. I was about eight at the time, so it was probably a matter of weeks. When more than a few kids had them, someone smelled a marketing tie-in feeding frenzy and lo a cartoon was born.

I think I have mercifully blocked most of this cartoon from memory. It was terrible. A phrase or two from the theme song still haunts me when I'm particularly sad or hurt: "Monchichi monchichi / oh so soft and cuddly..."

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